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Disability Busters brings you unexpected stories about what it’s like living with disability. Presented and produced with disabled people it’s a place to build community and identity.


Why you should support Disability Busters

There’s a lot of free content online and we’ll link to some of the best films we find in our blog so you don’t miss out, but to support the production of great new content we need you to pay. We’ve kept our individual subscriptions really affordable while our bigger subscriptions for organizations reflect the true value of our extensive catalogue.

How you can help us grow

We know you’ll love the free stuff and being part of our Disability Busters community but we also really want you to sign up and pay because that’s how we can grow and bring you more great films.

How your support will help us

When you subscribe to Disability Busters you are supporting great independent filmmaking about disability. Revenue is shared with our production partners who are all small organizations and community groups who do great work in the disability community. We work with disability groups to bring ideas to the screen. Disabled people are always employed in our productions and often lead the creative process individually or as part of the team.

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Disability Busters works on all devices, no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to enjoy greate content.

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Disability Busters is fully responsive, feature-rich and ready for the modern web.

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All our videos are 100% accessibility compliant and come captioned by default.

Award Winning Content

Our exclusive catalogue comes from some the best independent filmmakers on disability.

Our Catalogue

Our catalogue is starting small with more shows being added every month. We’re starting with the newest season of No Limits and working back through the entire catalogue.

We’ll also bring you more great short films about disability.

“You get proudby practicing”

– Laura Hershey




“It’s ok not to want a cure

And it’s ok to be proud of having a visible difference or disability. This is who I am and this is what it is. It’s not a life worth doing in, or a face to look past.”


a flight of stairs will turn it into a ramp.”

– Stella Young

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Here we keep you up to date with the things we think are important in Disability Busting.

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m the creator behind Disability Busters.

Sarah Barton is a true ally and warrior for disabled people’s rights. Her chief talents are TV making and inspiring a virtual UN of people from different backgrounds with different impairments to not just work together productively but also to make pioneering arts.

Sarah is a consummate peace maker but also a very determined media producer, who gets stuff done.

She’s funny, succinct and constantly innovative. I bet she dreams 6 impossible things before breakfast every day.

– Kath Duncan, No Limits producer, artist and Disability activist

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