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Defiant Lives will be distributed in cinemas through Demand Film. Screenings are open to the public. Anyone can use the Demand Film site to book tickets to any listed screening.   It’s just like any other cinema screening except that you book tickets in advance to confirm the screening so there’s no risk to sponsors and minimal risk for us and our distributors.

We work with enthusiastic individuals or organisations who wish to sponsor a screening to help us get the word out.  Screening sponsors receive a percentage of the box office for their efforts so consider signing up as a sponsor to raise money as well as awareness of disability rights.

We are working with Demand Film in Australia, America and the UK so you can book screenings in any of those places through Demand Film.  Defiant Lives will be released in the middle of 2017 so register your interest and you’ll be the first to know when screenings are available in your area.

To add value to your screening why not host a Q and A session after the film?  For an additional appearance fee we can connect you with local activists who appear in the film or the filmmakers themselves – subject to availability. For organisations and individuals who would like to host a private screening for their own community group or staff please email us and we can tailor a screening package for your needs.

If you are outside our main cinema territories but would like to host a screening of Defiant Lives please do request a screening so we can plan the next stages of the film’s release.

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